We have two closed FaceBook groups:

http://www.www.facebook.com/#!/groups/2012TAPNMSMK/ for the Juniors of TAPN and MSMK


http://www.www.facebook.com/#!/groups/2012TAPN/ for TAPN


This page is just a record of random things, not complete at all.
September 2012 Senior Exams: Juniors of TAPN and MSMK got together and tried to plan their 3 day event.
We are still not decided - so we have created the above facebook group to share our ideas and links etc.
The NEW idea about the 3 day event was an e-learning review, looking at an ideal library, visiting New Age schools and reporting to the BOT.


10th of August 2012 was pancake day

http://www.runescape.com/ was where we checked our BMI - we all had plenty of room for pancakes ;-)


In term four year 9 and 10 students will have 3 days off timetable - what will we do?


If students of TAPN could do anything they liked they would perhaps do one of these:

- ice skate

- ski at snow planet

- go cart

- watch movies

- play paint ball

- play lazer tag

- visit woodhill http://www.bikeparks.co.nz/

- Ms Allan suggests tree adventures? http://treeadventures.co.nz/


Perhaps we can

  • have some FUN one day

  • make a POSITIVE difference another day

  • and SHARE our photos and video, hanging out together with good food and a movie, on day three?


However - what if we used these days to make a positive difference?

- 3 Days to Make A Difference!

Whatever we choose to do
- some students could make a video diary of the three day event.
- planning needs to happen between now and the start of the three day event.
- we need a project that will develop the key competencies of relating to others, participating and contributing and managing self.
Brainstorm of possible questions...
5th May
- Breast Cancer fund raising?
- Help run a sports day at a local primary or intermediate school?
- Build or design a skate park in school
- Have one of the days as a fun day
The Question:
Can we help a family in need? Habitat for humanity?
We would learn new skills. Build relationships.

The Question: Can we do something to increase pride in our school and reduce the litter probem?

Can we make our school more beautiful?

Can we make something that lasts? That encourages change?

Can we make ART BINS? Can we help STOP THE DROP?

Below are some pictures to inspire us...
Making ART from RUBBISH? Mosaic? Temporary Art that lives on through facebook? Permanent Art?
Above: A man made of rubbish
Below: Ms Allan's art work, very easy to do!
Click on the pictures to go to the source of these photos.

From a previous tutor time - also about picking up rubbish!


Well Done Nobody! You know who you are - and you are awesome!