11th May - Going over the test

Year 11 Algebra Common Test 2

10th May test - Algebra Solving - Thursday

@Home you should be working through your homework book and past papers in course booklet
Make Notes and tick off the "I CAN DO" list in the course book on page 6
Page 8 has a vocab list you should fill in too

Homework to be completed in your learning workbook.

  • By the 10th of May Chapter 2 should have 25% of each and every page completed.

  • Prior to the MCAT on the 19th of September 2012, 100% of Chapter 2 should be completed.

I might fail this - help please http://2011maths.wikispaces.com/NCEA+Algebra+CAT

Wednesday the 9th of May

Form and solve quadratic equations
Homework - For taking a break from WorkBook
Tuesday the 8th of May
Solve linear inequations
Text Book Page 62
HomeWork Book Page 53
Friday 4th May and Monday the 7th May
TEXT book (Gamma) Page 80 to 87
On Friday we looked at the solving, On Monday we looked at the word questions, forming then solving.

3rd May
TEXT book (Gamma) Page 76 to 80
2nd May
Cars http://www.transum.org/Software/SW/Starter_of_the_day/starter_July16.ASP
Lots http://www.transum.org/software/sw/starter_of_the_day/Similar.asp?ID_Topic=2
River http://www.transum.org/Software/Investigations/StartingPoints.asp?ID=11
http://nzmaths.co.nz/leap-frogs Tells you about the algebra patterns behind the solutions
http://www.nzmaths.co.nz/bright-sparks Best One - choose the number of frogs
There are lots of applets of the same puzzle - it is very popular!
http://www.subtangent.com/maths/ig-leapfrog.php Good one - you can start with two frogs
Friday - Last Period 27th April

Psychic - there is maths behind the magic!


We proved it algebraically - we let a and b represent the two digits
10a+b was the chosen number
a+b was taken off
10a + b - (a + b)
=10a + b - a - b
So the digit in the tens col, multiplied by 9 is the answer => always a multiple of 9!
We also tested 99 - which gives 81 - so 90 and 99 are multiples of 9 that can never be chosen.

Then after doing some serious work on solving equations which had algebraic fractions in them we spent a few minutes on this:

April 24th:

Solve with x on both sides:
This is a very cool link - you can do as many of the same type of problems as you like!
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Type 5
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April 23rd - First Day of term 2

Page 14 and 15 of the Green Course Booklet
Treat it as a pre-test - see what you know NOW!
Solve factorised quadratics.
We used the powerpoint from the above link.