Geometrical Reasoning

Practise Papers:
A PDF workbook free from

Friday the 3rd of August

I gave back the graphs test and we did a bit of a recap of what we already know about geometrical reasoning.

Monday the 6th of August

More basic expected prior knowledge

Who got it from
is the file used in the video below - for those who struggled with 5 lines of symmetry in a regular pentagon.

Page 187 to 192 in the learning workbook.

Tuesday the 7th of August

Wednesday the 8th of August

Decided that up to page 206 the book is mostly revision

So moving ahead: Page 206 Angles in a Circle: Bringing the page to life!

Thursday the 9th of August : Page 206 to 208

Friday the 10th of August : Page 208 to 2011 - circle properties
Careers Talk and Interviews - so 'flip the classroom' - students to look at these at home!

Monday the 13th of August : Page 211 to 214 Cyclic Quads
Tuesday the 14th of August : Page 215 to 218 Pythagoras
Check out last years trig videos and pages
Also a reminder of how pythag works:

Wednesday the 15th of August : Page 218 to 220 Pythagoras Applications

Thursday the 16th of August : Page 221 to 222 Trig Ratios - SOH - CAH - TOA
Used these two files in class:

And a few videos I made last year - that are pretty much what we did in class yesterday and today

Plus a video to recap the type of things we did today!

Friday the 17th of August : Page 223 to 225 Inverse Trig
Monday the 20th of August : Page 226 to 228 Trig Applications
Tuesday the 21st of August : Page 229 230 Angles of Elevation and Depression

Wednesday the 22nd of August : Page 199 to 202 Similarity

Thursday the 23rd of August : Page 203 to 205 Area and Volume

Friday the 24th of August : Cycle OUT - no math
Monday the 27th August: Practice paper from your green booklet.