Lessons in the order they were taught...

Monday the 18th of June.

We looked at different ways to work out quadratic patterns

- a quadratic pattern has a constant second difference

- the form ax^2 + bx + c was used

- the constant second difference is 2a (we half the constant second difference to get "a")

- the first (n=1) first difference is 3a+b (I did a horrid algebraic proof that the first difference was 2an+a+b)

- another method was to use the calculator - stats - list1, list2 - graph - grp1 - calc - x^2 - draw scatter, get equation.

- when using the calculator R^2=1 means a perfect fit - with these patterns you MUST have R^2=1

- another method was to "see" the pattern

- we talked about exponential patterns that have a constant multiplier (not a constant first or second difference)

- we talked about linear patterns - constant first difference, and on the calculator a=0!

Tuesday the 19th of June

Linear Patterns

- "zeroth" term y=mx+c, when x is 0 then the point is (0,c)

- m is the gradient which is also the constant first difference

- we work "back" to get term zero, which does not really exist

Wednesday the 20th of June

Green Course Booklet

- Ticking off what we have learned so far on the check list on page 65

- Agreed we need to spend time on co-ordinates, quadratics, exponentials and rates of change.

- Worked through page 70 and 71 of the sample paper, Question One i, ii and iii completed.

Thursday the 22nd of June

Green Course Booklet

- Keep going on page 71




Friday the 22nd of June

Parabola Lesson