Year 11, Level 1 NCEA Mathematics 2012

Our Study Group

11MATHS SEPTEMBER EXAMS for exam VIDEOS (Graphs, Geometry and Algebra MCAT)

11MATHS SEPTEMBER EXAMS for the EXTERNAL EXAMS (Graphs, Geometry and Chance and Data)

11Maths Ongoing Algebra is where the videos of past papers etc are located
11maths external exam
Wiki pages per topic
11Maths Algebra
11maths Measurement
11Maths Algebra Solving
11Maths MV Stats
11Maths Graphs
11Maths Geometry
11Maths Chance and Data
just looks at the dates - the small amount of time left
looks at what we will do on these dates, includes test dates

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Homework to be completed in your learning workbook.

1. The learning workbook should be 100% complete before the assessments each chapter relates to.

2. By the 10th of May Chapter 2 should have 25% of each and every page completed.

3. Prior to the MCAT on the 19th of September 2012, 100% of Chapter 2 should be completed.