Week Four, Five and Six

Test is on Thursday the 2nd of August.

Common to the whole of year 11 in school.

Working through the Learning WorkBook

Chapter Three

Page 73 to 124

15 Days at 3 or 4 pages per day.

Class time and homework.

Try to do 4 pages a day at first because the last pages take longer.

Many pages are notes, rather than exercises.

18th July - We only have 9 lessons before the common test.
Many people have done very little in their homework books in this chapter.
Some people have done lots.
Those who complete it early can work through past papers which will help their test performance.

Note that tables, equations and graphs has heaps of algebra so this work will help the MCAT in week 10.

I expect you to be working on this at home 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes.


The minimum page you should be up to

19th July Thursday


23rd July Monday

90 (friday, saturday and sunday!)

24th July Tuesday


25th July Wednesday


26th July Thursday


27th July Friday


30th July Monday

115 (weekend)

31st July Tuesday


1st August Wednesday


2nd August Thursday